3rd Grade Songs

Hi, everyone! As I’m sure you remember, in a previous post we mentioned our kiddos getting the opportunity to write songs and submit them to the Country Music Hall of Fame for possible publication through a program called Words & Music: Teach Language Arts Through Lyric Writing. After all lyrics were submitted, established song writer Bob Spanburgh selected the five songs and put them to music. Because this is a co-writing experience, Bob Spanburgh did make some changes to the original lyrics, but none of our writers seemed to object to his modifications.  😉

This was an amazing opportunity for our students! We know that you’ll love what hear; just click on a song title. Tune in tomorrow for 4th Grade songs.

CANDY by Savannah H. and Charli S.

Friends by Jonathan

None of Us Are Perfect by Nadya, Sienna, Emily, and Cali

Be Yourself by Emma

What Did I Do Wrong? by Maxim


Wagon Train – Tough Travel Times…

As you may have guessed, our once enthusiastic Pioneers are beginning to realize that this trip from Fort Independence, Missouri to Hacker’s Valley, Oregon is a bit tougher than they had imagined. Thus far, they’ve had to make some tough decisions about acquiring water (fight or pay $10/barrel) and which trail to follow on the map (long and safe or short but potentially dangerous.) Their oxen have eaten loco weed (and become sick,) their cooking fire has started a prairie fire (which delayed their journey because it took a while to get it under control,) the heat has shrunk the green wood on their wheels (causing the iron rims to slip so they had to stop and repair them,) and the trail has needed clearing in some areas (another delay due to the time it took to clear.) As if they hadn’t had enough hardships, six of them tripped over a stone and fell into the cooking fire, and six of their spouses were bitten by a rattlesnake. Sheesh!!! Pioneer life was hard!!!

In order to recover from the fall in the fire and/or the rattlesnake bite, the students who were involved will need to research the topic and write a paragraph about burns or bites and how their injury would have been treated as pioneer on the trail. The students do need to cite their resource(s) – title/author, web address, name/position (nothing “formal” yet.) An assignment portal has been opened in Google Classroom for them, and assignments should be uploaded there. The paragraphs are due this Wednesday.

Pioneers with burnt hands are: Lukas, E.J., Isaac, Ellie, Emma, and Dante

Pioneers with snake-bitten spouses are: Mackenzie, Lillian, Emily, Nick, Jayden, and Jonathan

Please take the time to talk to your child about his/her experiences so far on Hacker’s Trail. The students are still really excited about the simulation, but I think they’re starting to become apprehensive as they continue to encounter tough decisions and dangerous experiences. Right now their Energy Factors (simulates excitement and motivation) are still in the high forties – they started with fifty!

We will hit the trail again next Friday! I’ll try to have pictures. 🙂