Garden Invitations!!

Happy Friday! What a great day in the garden! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend. And a special thanks to Phyllis J. for bringing Gatorade for all of the students and teachers – what a treat!🙂

If you happen to have some extra time on your hands and would like help with garden maintenance (weeding, etc.) outside of the time that we invite parents to participate, please email Mr. Burch, As with any garden, this one seems to require more maintenance than we can keep up with.

We wanted to go ahead and post the dates, up to Fall Break, that we are inviting parents and guests to our Butterfly Garden. It is VERY important that we know ahead of time if you plan to come. There are several things we MUST ensure prior to allowing visitors. It is NOT permissible to show up the day of the event without having given prior notice. If you think there is a possibility that you may attend, we would much rather have you on the list and cancel your reservation, than to have to deny your participation at the last minute. Following these procedures help us keep your children safe.

  • Friday, September 2nd from 1:15 – 2:00
    • Please notify Mrs. Reavis,, if you’d like to attend no later than Wednesday, August 31st.
  • Friday, September 16th from 1:15 – 2:00
    • Please notify Mrs. Reavis,, if you’d like to attend no later than Wednesday, September 14th.
  • Friday, September 23rd from 1:15 – 2:00
    • Please notify Mrs. Reavis,, if you’d like to attend no later than Wednesday, September 21st.

If you know that you haven’t completed a Limited Criminal History, please do so ASAP. This link, LCH Form, will take you directly to the form.

Always feel welcome to contact us!


Just a couple of quick reminders. First, if you are coming to the garden today you may want to bring some bug spray. Only those that have signed up may attend and we will be going out around 1:15.

Next, Picture Day is on Monday and packets have been sent home regarding this.

Finally, City Saver Fundraiser orders are due on Monday.

Thanks for all you do!!

Scott Burch
Mt. Tabor Elem.
800 Mt. Tabor Rd.
New Albany, IN. 47150
(812) 542-5507

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Scientists in Action!

Want to figure out how something works? Take it apart and check it out!

That is exactly what the students did today with Red Milkweed plants. They dug around and explored the root systems of the plants. Afterwards, we headed out to the garden for the students to take a closer look at what is happening out there and point out the things that they wondered about. “What happened to these petals? Why are those leaves full of holes? Why is one caterpillar darker than the other? Why is that one so big? Does that Tiger Swallowtail eat from every flower in here?” Mr. Burch likes to say, “The more you know, the more you see,” and the kiddos were seeing a lot today. We hope you’re able to join us next Friday as we head out to the garden again. Please remember, you must let Mrs. Reavis know by Monday if you plan to join us. Late reservation cannot be made. (See previous post for details regarding garden visits.)

And don’t worry… those particular plants were not flourishing the way the needed to; we didn’t let the kiddos destroy tasty Monarch food. There’s plenty to go around in the garden.🙂

Join us in the Garden on 8-19-16

We’re ready! We would like to invite parents to join us in the garden NEXT Friday – August 19th – from 1:15 – 2:00. If you’d like to join us in the garden on Friday, August 19th, please let Mrs. Reavis know NO LATER THAN MONDAY, AUGUST 15th. Please email her directly at At the end of the day on Monday, August 15th, Mrs. Reavis will check and make sure that all of those who have contacted her are in the clear with Limited Criminal History checks. As you can imagine, there were many (750+) LCH forms turned in throughout the school and not all of them have been run yet. ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO LET MRS.REAVIS KNOW BY MONDAY, AUGUST 15th WILL BE PERMITTED TO JOIN US. LIMITED CRIMINAL HISTORY FORMS WILL NOT BE RUN FOR ANYONE WHO SHOWS UP WITHOUT COMMUNICATING WITH MRS. REAVIS BY AUGUST 15th. In the past, parents showing up the day of the event, without confirming their participation, has caused HUGE hardships for our office staff. We will not be able to accommodate those who neglect our request for notification by Monday, August 15th.

When you arrive, Mrs. Kessans will help you sign-in (please remember to bring a picture ID, just in case…) You will wait in our café area and we will collect all of our visitors on our way out to the garden. You may want to remember to spray yourself with insect repellent if mosquitoes usually find you tasty. We hope many people will be able to visit during this time. We think you’ll really enjoy seeing our scientists in action!


Volunteer Update

Hi, again! I will be working this weekend to sort through and organize information from all of you who expressed an interest in helping out at school. I appreciate your patience. Remember, if you’d like to participate at school in any capacity, you’ll need to have a 2016-17 Limited Criminal History report completed and on file. If you need a form, you may download it here. LCH Form